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1. Members of the Board of Directors



  • Ricard Font i Hereu, Secretari de Territori i Mobilitat del Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat



  • Pere Padrosa i Pierre, Director General de Transports i Mobilitat del Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat
  • Agustí París i Roig,  Director de Serveis del Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat
  • Isidre Gavin i Valls, Director General de Centrals i Infraestructures per a la Mobilitat i les Activitats Logístiques, SA (CIMALSA)
  • Meritxell Masó i Carbó, Secretària General de Governació, Administracions Públiques i Habitatge
  • Natàlia Garriga Ibáñez, Directora General del Patrimoni de la Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Xavier Espasa i Añoveros, Director de l’Agència Catalana de Turisme – Departament d’Empresa i Ocupació
  • Carmel Mòdol i Bresolí, Director General d'Alimentació, Qualitat i Indústries Agroalimentàries



  • Carles Pintor Duran, Cap Assessoria Jurídica Aeroports de Catalunya


2. Organization chart


3. Government agreement of Aeroports de Catalunya



4. Services of Aeroports de Catalunya

Carta de Serveis

This service document has useful information for the public about the services provided by Aeroports de Catalunya and commitments in terms of efficiency and quality of service.


5. Agreement

Collective agreement for application

The agreement for application of Aeroports de Catalunya is the collective labor agreement for the sector of offices of Catalonia 2012-2014, extended for the years 2015 and 2016.

Transparency chart

Transparency chart

1. Budget

Pressupostos de la Generalitat de Catalunya


2. Annual accounts



3. Annual reports



4. Consolidated income statement for the operating airports


1. Who are we?

Aeroports de Catalunya is a public company of the Government of Catalonia attached to the Department of Territory and Sustainability. The company aims to be the leader in aviation management in Catalonia. It aims to consolidate a new model of airport management, works in favor of an effective trade policy and promotes existing facilities as well as future ones.


2. What are our goals?

  • Create, extend and transform current airport infrastructures
  • Manage, conserve and provide all kind of services through the exploitation of its airport facilities
  • Promote the commercialisation of the infrastructures and air transport
  • Develop training in the aeronautic and airport fields.
  • Develop research in the aerospace transport sector and its infrastructures.
  • Promote air-route management organizations.
  • Offer technical assistance in design, construction and airport infrastructure management.
  • Participate in the management of airports for the general interest.


3. Aims

  • Promote the Catalan aerodromes and airports network
  • Support the consolidation of Barcelona airport as a quality and international connectivity airport
  • Consolidate a network of aerodromes balancing public services and the development of general aviation
  • Strengthen the network of heliports as a social and community service and promote the establishment of companies that use the helicopter for their movements
  • Cooperate in the promotion of the aviation industry located in Catalonia. Strengthen training, research and innovation especially in the areas to ensure sustainable growth of aviation activity and associated industries.
  • Work for the complementarities of the airports in Girona and Reus to Barcelona airport
  • Build the brand Pyrenees Airport if the airport Lleida-Alguaire continue working to bring more companies and tour operators to fly to Lleida
  • Make-Pyrenees Airport La Seu d'Urgell, a key airport for general aviation


4. Territorial sector plan

Plan for Airports, aerodromes and heliports in Catalonia:

Territorial sector plans

PDUA de La Seu i PEU de Lleida

Urban planning registry of Catalonia



5. Statistics

Statistics of Lleida-Alguaire airport and Andorra-La Seu d'Urgell airport

Basic mobility data

Transport and mobility statistics year 2014


6. Social and Corporate Responsibility

Aeroports de Catalunya wants to add value to the territory where there is an airport infrastructure, working together with the institutions in the territory and contributing actively in the environmental improvement of its airports

There is a commitment with the region organizing Strategic Meetings (Lleida-Pyrenees La Seu d'Urgell, Igualada-Òdena, Girona, Reus) to work together for the improvement of these infrastructures in line with local governments.

Aeroports de Catalunya also aims (following the report of the Environmental Sustainability Plan for Airports, Airfields and Heliports 2009-2015) to improve the environment:

  • Define mechanisms for monitoring air quality, noise, water cycles, waste, energy, mobility and wildlife
  • Establish standards for use, deciding what is considered normal emissions, as a starting point for the improvements set.
  • Establish mechanisms for the communication between managers and airport administration.

Aeroports de Catalunya contributes to the "Airport Regions Conference," an association of local and regional governments in Europe with an international airport located within or near their territory. One goal of ARC is to find a balance between economic benefits and environmental impact and quality of life of residents

1. Public contracting platform

Contractor profile of Aeroports Públics de Catalunya

The Departament d'Economia i Coneixement, through the Junta Consultiva de Contractació Administrativat, makes available to the various recruitment bodies of the Administració de la Generalitat de Cataluny and its related or dependent public sector, as well as the economic operators of the Public markets, the Plataforma de serveis de contractació pública. This is a direct link to Aeroports Públics de Catalunya.


2. Public registration of contracts